Some traditions are so important to us that we practice them daily.  They become almost a habit and part of our entrenched routine, so much so, that we should probably pause from time to time; just to remind ourselves why we do them in the first place.  It should not be just to “go through the motions” (because we always have) but, more of an opportunity to re-prioritize our day.

These traditions can be anything from a kiss good-bye (as you head off to work) to family prayers at dinner or supper time (depending on where you’re from).  Some may be silly little sayings that have been passed down through the generations or a good ole bed time “tuck in”.   Now, I’m not talking about just things you should do out of necessity, like brush your teeth and put on your shoes.  Daily traditions are things you should do, because they mean something to you and your family.  Things that have been handed down throughout the generations or started in your very own.  Either way, you do them because you want to and without them you just don’t feel complete.

Traditions help us form the structure to our lives by laying down the very foundation that we choose. Ultimately creating patterns that we want to repeat, so we don’t forget (and in some cases, so we are not forgotten).  My dad had a million sayings, some of which I hear come out of my mouth every day.  It’s like a piece of him is still with me, even though he has passed on some 13 years ago this July.  One of these days I’m going to have to write them down, so I don’t forget (that tends to happen when you get older).  Maybe someday I will do a post on “Old Sayings” and see how many I can come up with.

“I swear, if live to be 500” (that’s one of dad’s) I’ll probably still be practicing my daily traditions or at least I hope so (“Good Lord willin’, and the creek don’t rise”).  For those that don’t have any or many daily traditions, I challenge you to start some today.  They may not seem like much now but, they will be eventually.  For those that have established traditions in place, remind yourself why you do them the next time you do.  It is a good practice to stay aware and not fall victim to thoughtless habit.

“Well, I guess I gotta go now.” (Yep, that’s another one).

Have a wonderful day and I hope you”ll join me in Recycling some Traditions!

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