There’s something special about the “nostalgia” that family traditions provide.  They spin an indelible thread that connects us across time and space.  These seemingly innocent events provide us a real sense of safety and joy, as they bring us back to a simpler time.  One where people gathered to share their lives and keep each other company, along the journey. 

     As Dorthy discovered in her own venture, there is just “no place like home” and the memories that traditions bring with them, feels a lot like home.  She also came to realize the importance of friends and family, along the way.  Too often we take these companions for granted, as we get caught up in our survival efforts of the day. 

     Good company has the ability to not only magnify the “good” but, also, makes the bad more tolerable.  Sure, not all moments are ones to write home about but, somehow, traditions have a way of polishing them up over time,  In the end, the memories are well worth it.

    Now, another really neat thing about traditions is, they can be started at any time.  “Today will be tomorrow’s yesterday”.  So, whether you are beginning them now or just keeping the classics alive, make sure to include them in your life.  You will be glad that you did.